Cash Out Equity – No Interest Rate

Can’t get a Loan Mod?
Can’t Refinance with Bad Credit?
Get Cash for Your Equity
No Extra Payments

For example, if you own a $400,000 house with only a $260,000 loan, you have 35% Equity. We have an investor that will buy that part of that equity and not charge you any money – no interest, no payments. The investor will own a percentage of the home, and expects to profit if you sell at some time in the future. Meanwhile, you get the cash up-front with no extra payments.
(You must be current on mortgage payments to qualify).
How can you use that Money?:
1) pay down your mortgage, so you have lower payments,
2) meet current expenses,
3) pay for education for your kids or you,
4) get medical treatments,
5) donate to charity,
(The list is endless)

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Disclaimer: We are not loan modification consultants, we are not debt collectors, we are not foreclosure consultants and we do not give legal advice.